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Detailansicht - Projekt

Titel: DESERTEC and the Political Stability of MENA Countries
Auftraggeber / Forschungsförderer: Eigenfinanzierung
Projektleiter: Dr. Karen Smith-Stegen
Forschungsbereich: Geopolitik
To achieve success, the DESERTEC Industrial Initiative is dependent upon the political stability as well as on the cooperation and willingness of the North African countries in which it plans to locate its renewable energy production. However, the countries vary in their stability, and the relationships between DESERTEC and its target countries are not, in all cases, conducive to success. This article will examine the cultivation and status of these relationships as well as the political risks associated with the North African countries. We will assess the implications for the viability of the DESERTEC project and conclude by offering insights gleaned from the experiences of other pioneering energy projects.