The research project "Multi-Grid-Storage" investigates different measures to balance inflexible electricity generation by linking the electricity- gas- and heat supply systems.

First of all, individual measures and energy conversion chains are analysed and sensible combinations of different supply options assessed.

The second part will deal with the analysis of different balancing and storage options. Expected results are conclusions about the conditions, under which the technologies can be operated economically and the capacity of electricity storage they can contribute.

In the third part the energy conversion chains will be analysed in a future supply situation, which will be based on renewable energy. Expected results are the identification of required market mechanisms, the assessment of the impact the different energy conversion chains can have and what stimuli for the further development are required.

The project is supported by the Joint initiative to promote research and development in the field of energy storage technologies of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.